Why Screen Printing

There are several techniques used to decorate garments.

At David K's T-shirt Printing / T-ShirtPros.com we utilize only direct to garment screen printing. (The terms "silk screening" and "screen printing" are used interchangeably.)

This is by far and away the best method for reproducing images in true-to-life color. And screen printing is the most cost effective for large quantity print runs.

The screen printing inks we use are of the highest quality and the most durable. And we guarantee that the print will outlast the garment. This cannot be said for the following other decorating techniques.

Digital imaging or direct to garment ink jet printers have been on the market for nearly two years. (And many of our competitors use this technique so be sure to ask how they are going to decorate your t-shirts.)

The quality of the finished product cannot compare to custom screen printing.

Much more vibrant color can be produced with silk screen printing. And it is easy to see when you look at the same image side-by-side.

Direct to garment ink jet printers may provide an option if you have photographic artwork and are in need of just a few t-shirts, but you will still not achieve the quality of a direct to garment screen print. Reproducing full color images is our specialty!

Iron on transfers - where your artwork is imaged on special paper fed through a digital printer and then ironed onto the garment have all but been replaced with direct to garment ink jet printers. The problems with this process, like direct to garment ink jet printers, is that the colors are muted and the image deteriorates after just one or two washings.

So if you want a professional looking t-shirt, sport shirt, sweat shirt, tote bag or towel imprinted with your artwork or logo, insist on quality screen printing. Insist on David K's T-shirt Printing / T-shirtpros.com. Serving your custom tshirt needs since 1989.